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Top 5 RV Parts & Supplies

It’s a fact of life that things wear out, and it’s no different in the RV world where RV parts eventually fail.

Ideally you’ll be on top of your RV maintenance and can anticipate which RV parts are about to go and which should be replaced. On the subject of used RV parts, we normally recommend new RV parts unless you’ve got a lot of experience and are sure a used RV part is safe and up to the task.

Purchasing RV supplies of any sort may be intimidating, especially for new RV owners. Even experienced RVers often have questions.  

In our experience, the top 5 recreational vehicle parts and supplies requested by customers are: 

  • Toilet chemicals – Probably everyone’s least favourite part of maintaining an RV involves dealing with sewage! RV toilet chemicals typically are deodorizers, waste digesters and cleaners designed for your blackwater tank, but some are also used in your greywater tank.
  • Roof sealant – The forces of nature conspire to create leaks in your motorhome or travel trailer, and your roof is typically the first place they start. If you’re sealing your RV’s roof, make sure to pick up a cleaner too. Patch kits are another popular item.
  • Vent lids – Motorhome and travel trailer vent lids are often in need of replacement. The sun beats down on them year round, but snow, ice and hail can also damage them. An open vent might even disappear in a strong wind! You might want to consider adding roof vent covers, as well as roof vents with fans, such as the Fantastic Fan.
  • Anode rods – This part for your hot water heater is a sacrificial part used to attract potentially corrosive elements.
  • Appliance parts – Your RV refrigerator, stove, water heater and furnace should be kept in tip-top shape so they are reliable, and also for safety reasons.

Other RV parts that our Grove RV Parts Experts recommend in addition include: 

  • Water Hose – You don’t want to use a regular garden hose to fill your RV’s freshwater tank. Most are not designed for potable water use. Using them might expose you to dangerous chemicals, but could also give your water an unpleasant taste and odour. Use a good quality hose that won’t restrict water flow, and that is built to handle high pressures.
  • Water Inlet Pressure Regulator – The benefit of this device is to prevent your RV plumbing system from developing a leak or catastrophic blowout when hooking up to an outside water source. Your RV’s plumbing system is usually tested to higher pressures, but over time this level may decrease. This is an inexpensive addition to your RV that could prevent thousands of dollars in damage.
  • RV Toilet Paper – The benefit to using toilet paper specifically designed for RV toilets is that it breaks down more quickly than conventional toilet paper, helping to prevent clogs in your blackwater tank.
  • Electrical Adaptors – There are a variety of plugs for all sorts of situations. We would be happy to chat with you about the ideal adaptors for your situation.

There you have it! If things are wearing out on your RV, it just means you’re getting a lot of use out of it, and that’s never a bad thing. 

If you need help finding RV parts, please visit or call our RV Parts Store, our RV Parts Experts will be happy to help. We have over 7,500 square feet of RV parts & accessories – one of the largest in Western Canada. With an extensive inventory, we should be able to find just the right parts and accessories for your RV. Also, you can request a part online if you prefer. 

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