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RV Life

Category: How To Guides

How To Winterize Your RV

RV season is behind us and hopefully you haven’t put off winterizing your RV. We’ve had an exceptionally nice fall in terms of weather, but winter weather in Alberta can hit suddenly – you don’t want to be caught not having winterized your RV. The most important part of RV winterization is to protect your…

Category: Destinations

5 Jasper Must-Do’s

Jasper’s Glacier Skywalk, see the Canadian Rockies like never before! 5 Jasper Must-Do’s: Glacier Skywalk – Brand new to Jasper, the Glacier Skywalk opened  May 1, 2014 and is a truly breath-taking adventure. Maligne Lake Boat Cruises – Breathtaking vistas and historical charm… Jasper Folk Music Festival – Jasper’s annual folk music festival is a wonderful outdoor music…

Category: How To Guides

Getting Your RV Ready For Summer

Summer is right around the corner and RV season is about to get into full swing… getting your RV ready for the season is most likely on your mind. If you’ve got a newer RV, your RV summer maintenance checklist will hopefully be a little shorter and easier. Older RVs, just by virtue of their…

Category: Destinations

Destination Jasper!

Maligne Lake In Jasper National Park, A Must-See!   Are you looking for a laidback Rocky Mountain RV destination? Jasper’s it! When it comes to RVing in Jasper, here are some helpful tips… Jasper National Park has 10 campgrounds that accommodate RVs run by Parks Canada (their website has the most information on camping/RVing and is the most…

Category: The Latest Trends

7 Luxury RV Features That Will Blow Your Mind!

When looking for a motorhome, many folks lower their expectations in comparison to when they are shopping for a traditional house. But did you know you can have many of the same features you look for in a house, in your new home-on-wheels? We’ve put together a list of extravagances that are available in an…

Category: How To Guides

RV Packing List – 5 Must-Haves!

An RV camping lifestyle lets you live in the great outdoors while maintaining some of the comforts of home. After a day of hiking, biking, swimming and campfires… most RVers are thankful to have a bed, running water, flushing toilets, a shower and a cooling/heating system. Like any trip, the better prepared you are for…

Category: Destinations

RV Staycation – Edmonton West

Has the downturn in our economy, drop in oil prices and the value of the Canadian dollar got you rethinking your family’s finances and travel plans? Since travel outside Canada is now considerably more expensive, perhaps it’s time to consider an Edmonton staycation? There are tons of interesting and exciting things to do within about…

Category: Around Grove RV

We’re the #1 Triple E dealer in Canada – 2 years in a row!

One of our favorites? The Triple E Free Spirit SS! It’s the industry’s first Class B van with a slide-out front living area and three-piece dry bathroom. You’ll have more space, more storage and more room to explore. Plus, the full sliding screen door lets you enjoy the outdoors while inside. Powered by Mercedes-Benz, enjoy…

Category: The Latest Trends

Why Are Travel Trailers So Popular?

Travel trailers have long been the most popular RV type, and by all indications, travel trailers will continue to be the most popular type of RV in the Edmonton area and beyond.  Before we ask why travel trailers are so popular, let’s define what a travel trailer is. Travel trailers are simply a wheeled vehicle…

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