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RV Hook-Ups How-To

Welcome to Grove RV’s – “RV How-To” – series. In this blog we’re going to talk about how to get water and power for your RV, and how to get rid of your wastewater. Let’s get started!

Watch our “RV Hook-Ups How-To” Video!


There are two ways to get potable water (also known as clean fresh water) for your RV. 

  1. Your city water connection (this is water that is brought from your site into your trailer bypassing your RV holding tank). This is where you’ll need to connect your water supply hose. It’s as simple as attaching your water supply hose to the supply in the campground and then to the city water connection on the side of your trailer. 
  2. Filling the fresh water holding tank, typically this is done before you head out on your trip or you can do this at your destination if you know safe water is available. Put the hose in and fill the tank until it overflows. This way you use your water pump in the trailer to give you your water pressure.


Power is supplied by the shore cord. This is the 120-volt cord that comes with your trailer. It’s usually located on the driver’s side of the RV in the rear.

Some shore cords are detachable and others are attached and stored on board.

Depending on the power requirements of your trailer, this cord will either be 30 amp or 50 amp. The receptacle supplied at the campsite may differ from your cord in terms of its amperage, therefore, an adapter, ie. dogbone or park adapter, may be required.


Wastewater includes black water (also known as water from your toilet) and grey water (water from your bathtub, shower and sinks). Both of these are drained through a 3” sewer connection on the outside of the trailer.

Both grey water and black water drain out of the same waste connection and hose.

A general rule of thumb is to drain your black water first and then your grey water to rinse your hose.

To hook up your sewer hose to your RV, find the drain and attach your hose. Then put the other end in the ground tank at the campground or the sani-station. 

There you have it! We hope you found this video helpful. If you need further help, we invite you to contact our Parts Store or Service Department.

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