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Types Of RVs

If you’re new to the RVing world and thinking about purchasing an RV, you’re probably saying to yourself “what type of RV is right for me”? There are several options for you to consider.  That’s why Grove RV put together this handy guide that outlines the advantages and disadvantages of each RV type. It will…

The Latest Trends

7 Luxury RV Features That Will Blow Your Mind!

When looking for a motorhome, many folks lower their expectations in comparison to when they are shopping for a traditional house. But did you know you can have many of the same features you look for in a house, in your new home-on-wheels? We’ve put together a list of extravagances that are available in an…

The Latest Trends

Why Are Travel Trailers So Popular?

Travel trailers have long been the most popular RV type, and by all indications, travel trailers will continue to be the most popular type of RV in the Edmonton area and beyond.  Before we ask why travel trailers are so popular, let’s define what a travel trailer is. Travel trailers are simply a wheeled vehicle…

The Latest Trends

Diesel Pusher Power

Diesel pushers are one of the most popular types of Class A motorhomes on the market. Why is that? Most of the large and luxurious motorhomes on are diesel pushers, though not every one has to be suitable for a rock star lifestyle. There are also diesel pushers geared towards families and full-time RVers. When…

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