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RV Safety How-To

Welcome to Grove RV’s – “RV How-To” – series. In this blog we’re going to talk about RV safety devices, electrical safety and propane safety. Let’s get started!

Watch our “RV Safety How-To” Video!

Safety Devices 

Your RV contains a number of safety devices. It is important to ensure they are maintained and functioning correctly.

These devices may include: a smoke detector, a propane detector, a carbon monoxide detector and fire extinguisher.

Know the location of each of these devices. Test all detectors regularly and check for correct pressure on the fire extinguisher.

The smoke detector is generally located on your ceiling. To test your smoke detector press the test button to make sure you get an alarm back. If you don’t, take the cover off and replace your battery (most are 9 Volt). 

Look for your propane detector at the floor level generally in the cooking area where the applicances are. To test your propane detector, locate it, then press the test button and wait for the chirps of the alarm to know that the alarm is working correctly.  

The carbon monoxide detector can be found in many different places, check your owner’s manual to find its exact location, and how to test it. 

The fire extinguisher is typically located near the main door of an RV.  To check for the correct pressure on the fire extinguisher take it out of the holder and check the gauge to make sure it’s in the green (that it’s not low pressure or high pressure). 


When it comes to electrical, ensure your safety by keeping all of your chords in good condition (make sure there are no cuts, frays or exposed bare wires).

It is also important not to overload your RV’s electrical circuits by plugging in too many appliances.


Propane gas is extremely flammable. If you notice a strong smell of gas in your RV or if your propane alarm activates, exit your RV immediately, turn off your propane and call a qualified RV service technician.

There you have it! We hope you found this video helpful. If you need further help, we invite you to contact our Parts Store or Service Department.

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